Gordon Willis

It is my Fader wyll

  It is my Fader wyll  

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7.50 USD
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Alternative title Lullay, lullay, my lityl chyld
ComposerGordon Willis
Lyricist Unknown (works before 1850)
PublisherGordon Willis
Genre Classical / Song
Instrumentation Violin, Viola, Cello, Soprano
Scored forSolo, Trio
Type of scoreFull score, Parts
Key D major
Duration 8'20"
Difficulty Very difficult
Year of composition 1981
Description Passiontide carol for soprano, violin, viola and cello, 15th-century poem (middle English). Piano accompaniment and string parts included, plus gloss on middle English words. Exploits false-relations between strings and voice, very sustained singing, suitable only for trained singer. Accompaniment can be performed on organ instead, 8-foot pitch only.
Upload date 31 Aug 2015


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