Gordon Willis

This site offers my compositions for both educational purposes and for concert performance. I plan to include educational texts and examples covering elementary theory and composition. I have been singing, teaching piano and working as a choral conductor, theatre composer and arranger for over thirty years and feel that it is time to offer some of the better bits and pieces that I have produced over the years to anyone who happens to like them.

In fact, most of the original compositions will be new for this site. The educational side is constantly changing in response to my students' needs, but some of the existing courses can be adapted for more general purposes, and these I plan to offer in the near future.


Sheet Music

  • Madavine O
  • Mixed choir — Arr. …
  • 5.00 USD
  • Dulcie
  • Mixed choir — Arr. …
  • 5.00 USD
  • Jubilate
  • Organ, Trumpet, Mixed …
  • 7.50 USD


27 Sep 2015
Piano recitals, and Brahms the demon possessor
Yesterday took place the second of what is intended to be an annual recital given by some of my students. Last year, I presented only my more advanced students, as a trial run, and as a sort of advertisement to draw the attention of all my students and their families to the fact that piano-practice can actually be meaningful in the real world. This year, I made room for some of the younger ones too, with very positive results. For years I have wanted to provide a better opportunity than an annual ...